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Joyful Living through Vastu Remedies

Book Index

      1. Introduction
      2. Domestic Vastu
      3. Commercial Vastu
      4. Industrial Vastu
      5. Vastu & Environment
      6. Vastu & Astrology
      7. Vastu & Muhurt
      8. Vastu & Numerology
      9. Vastu & Lal Kitab
      10. Agonies caused by Vastu faults
      11. Remedies of Vastu Faults
      12. Remedies mentioned in Feng Shui

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Human body is made of five elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. Our universe is also made of these five elements. The base of Vaastu-Shastra is to balance ratio of these elements. The environment of a house turns unbearable if the said elements in it are not in a balance ratio. In this book writers have described the various aspects of Vaastu, such as vaastu and environment, vaastu and astrology, vaastu and Mahurat, Vaastu and numerology, Agonies caused by vaastu faults, Remedies for vaastu faults including various remedies used in Feng-shui. Congratulations on writing such a marvellous book.

Size: 5.25″ x 8.5″ approx
ISBN: 81-7727-276-4